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RELAX. It’s just a notebook.
twee sets  jop luberti wouter van tilborg relax notebook (1)

Set of 4: E 14,95 + postage
Special edition Risograph notebook series designed by Jop Luberti & Wouter van Tilborg. Riso-printed & handbound by us at GRID Grafisch Museum Groningen. 48 blank pages per book.

To order a set of 4: simply email and we’ll take it from there. Also available in local stores like City Central and GRID Grafisch Museum Groningen.

DEAR BONGO – Weapons Down EP

Cassette tape: E 5,00 + postage
Yellow cassette, hi-bias ferro tape. 5-song EP, 20 minutes.
Limited edition of 50, designed and printed by Jop Luberti
Released March 4 2017

To order: simply email and we’ll take it from there.