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I’m an illustrator based in Groningen (NL). I have one eye on drawing – and the other on graphic design. I love bold lines, vibrant colors and researching the interelemental dynamics of weight and intensity in compositional dilemmas, not to forget: wackiness in general!

I print posters, zines, cards, even wallpapers. I design record sleeves and gig posters, and do all kinds of color and pattern experiments with the exceptional A2 Risograph digital duplicator.

For any kind of collaboration, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

jluberti @  &  06 33630567


2018   RARARISO @ GRID Grafisch Museum Groningen, A2 Riso poster exhibition (+ curator)
2018   ‘Suspended’ A2 Riso series @ OOST Dance Club Groningen

2018   “ÉCHT?!” zine, part of the RARARISO project
2014   Kutgitaar 2.2 literair zine
2012   Kutgitaar # 2 literair zine

I also sing and play guitar in Dear Bongo.

visit     JL facebook


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