Enchantment Under the Sea

Here is a screenshot of an animated game I designed. Children age 3 to 5 will be doing hearing tests at the UMCG Audiology Dept. Groningen. It’s up to these little fishies to keep them interested and attentive long enough to complete their task.


 Fishy and Friends, January 2015.

JQSQ plaque



Please meet “Fishy”. She is the main character in a computer game that I am illustrating and animating. Hearing researchers at UMCG (Groningen, NL) are using the game to test the way children hear sounds, and how their brains process them.

It’s a fairly simple game. Fishy has to listen to other fish who make high or low sounds. Then she needs to choose the odd one out. For every right choice Fishy gains a new friend who swims over to join her. Here are are some of those fishy friends.

starfish swim a

seahorse move a

 dolphin swim a

clownfish swim a

octopus move a

crab talk a

Character designs for ‘Fishy’ animation.
Pen, paper, Photoshop.
JQSQ plaque